Name Description Tier Item
Refreshing Divine Embrace When Divine Embrace is used on a target below 50% Health, reduce the ability's cooldown by 12%, and gain 1% of your max Mana.
Fortifying Sacred Ground Allies healed by Sacred Ground gain Fortify, increasing armor by 3% for 5s.
Purity Of Light Allies with a debuff removed with Splash of Light are healed for 10% your weapon damage.
Mending Protection +5% damage based healing power for 3s if Orb of Protection heals an ally below 50% Health.
Accelerating Light's Embrace Allies below full Health hit with Light's Embrace gain Haste, increasing their movement speed by 5% for 5s.
Keen Beacon When Beacon heals a player, they gain 2% critical chance for 6s.