Name Description Weapon Skill Tree Type
Claw Shot Shoot forward a four pronged claw attached to a chain from the muzzle. The projectile will travel up to 14m and cannot pull you upwards more than 3m. If it connects to an enemy it will deal 40% weapon damage and inflict root for 0.7s before quickly pulling you towards them. The pull can be cancelled by any ability use or primary fire. Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your blunderbuss, this ability inflicts taunt for 4s when it hits. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.) Blundebuss Containment Active
In-and-Out Upon usage, restore 8 stamina every second for 10s. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Combat Readiness Landing a pellet, even if blocked, lowers the cooldown of this ability by 2% each. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Mobile Overload Successful pulls will automatically grant 1 loaded ammunition. If you currently have 2 loaded ammunition this will exceed the max cap and grant a third. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Net Shot Fire a large net out of the blunderbuss that deals 70% weapon damage and slows targets it hits by 40% for 3s. (Slow reduces target's movement speed.) If standing still or moving backwards, the recoil from this attack will knock you further backwards. If moving sideways or forwards, you will continue forward unhindered. Blundebuss Containment Active
Fast Hands If Net Shot hits a target, reduce its cooldown by 20%. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Apparatus The net now inflicts a 50% slow that degrades to normal move speed over 7s. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Barbed Netting Net Shot's initial hit is reduced to 30% weapon damage. However, it now deals 35% additional weapon damage as bleeding each second for 3s. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Azoth Shrapnel Blast Fire 5 shots in a horizontal fan in front of you while pushing yourself backwards. Each shot will deal 45% weapon damage. (Every consecutive hit on the same target will deal 20% less damage than the previous hit.) Blundebuss Containment Active
Reach Increase the range of this attack from 12m to 16m. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Discord Fire 4 additional pellets with each use of this ability. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Refresh Each individual hit from this ability or from the blunderbuss primary fire will lower the cooldown of this ability by 1.5%. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Azoth Bomb Fire a singular bomb down the center of the fan. This bomb will implant itself in the world and explode dealing 100% weapon damage in a 3m area after a 1s delay. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Deep Load The last shot loaded into the blunderbuss will do 15% increased damage. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Fortifying Aggression Successful hits within 3m grant fortify, increasing armor by 10% for 2s. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Future Endeavors Basic shots restore 1 stamina per pellet hit. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Ramp Reloads give you a damage boost of 4% for 6s. (Max 4 stacks.) Blundebuss Containment Passive
Run and Gun Reloading gives you a 40% haste that lasts for 1s. (Haste increases movement speed.) Blundebuss Containment Passive
Unload The next shot fired within 6s after triggering an ability will have 8 pellets instead of 6. Blundebuss Containment Passive
Splitting Grenade Shoot a grenade out of the blunderbuss that can bounce up to 4 times. The Splitting Grenade will detonate after 1.5s but can be detonated early by reactivating its ability key within this time period. Upon detonation, it will create 3 mini grenades that will disperse and explode 1s after landing, dealing 85% weapon damage in a 3m radius area. (Each successive grenade hit against the same target deals 40% less base damage.) Blundebuss Chaos Active
Soften Deal 25% increased damage to targets greater than 50% health. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Delayed Escape Any grenade hit grants haste, increasing movement speed by 20% for 3s. (Multiple hits will refresh the duration.) Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Incendiary Bursts Splitting Grenade explosions inflict burn on hit, dealing 10% weapon damage per second for 10s. (Stacks up to 3 times.) Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Mortar Charge Load the blunderbuss with heavy canisters. For the next 15s or 3 shots, shots will no longer fire multiple pellets but instead will fire a heavy, fast diving, mortar-style canister that causes a tall explosion upon impact, dealing 100% weapon damage in a 3m area. If the target is 10m away or further, they will take 35% increased damage from the mortar. Blundebuss Chaos Active
Steady Each hit grants 7 stamina. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Freedom Firing grants a 50% haste for 2s. (Haste increases movement speed.) Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Streak Gain an extra canister, you can now fire up to 4 shots. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Blast Shot Blast immense wind out of the blunderbuss knocking down any target immediately in front of you. Blast Shot deals 50% weapon damage. This ability has grit. (Grit prevents you from being staggered by incoming attacks.) Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your blunderbuss, hits with this ability inflict taunt for 4s. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.) Blundebuss Chaos Active
Preparation Blast Shot applies rend, decreasing armor of all targets affected by this ability by 10% for 6s. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Lingering Flow The area 10m in front of you remains influenced by wind for the next 8s. You and your allies gain a 25% move speed bonus while in the area. (This effect cannot be dispelled.) Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Artillery Direct damage from abilities is increased by 15% if the victim is 10m or further away. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Buckshot Deal 10% increased damage to any target as long as you have not damaged them in the last 8s. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Future Planning Using an ability reduces all other ability cooldowns by 4%. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Bite Back Every pellet that is a headshot reduces all cooldowns by 0.5%. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Extended Chamber Holding onto 2 loaded ammunition for 2s after a reload will load a 3rd active ammunition. Blundebuss Chaos Passive
On a Roll Triggering an ability grants a 3% fortify for 10s. (Stacks up to 5 times.) (Fortify increases armor.) Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Last Chance Whenever you take a hit and your health is below 50% gain fortify, increasing armor by 30% for 4s. (30s cooldown) Blundebuss Chaos Passive
Double Down Once every 30s, your next ability used will have its cooldown reduced by 50%. Blundebuss Chaos Passive