Name Description Tier Item
Relentless Freedom Activating Relentless Rush removes Root and Slow. Increase Relentless Rush's critical hit chance by 20%.
Leeching Crosscut Heal for 72% of the damage dealt by the final strike of Crosscut (Max 1 trigger per ability use).
Skyward Nullification Hitting an enemy with Skyward Slash removes one of their buffs. Reduce remaining buffs by 50% (Only affects non-consumable buffs).
Energizing Counter When Calamity Counter is activated, immediately gain 50 Stamina.
Steadfast Purification Each attack of Steadfast Strike reduces your debuff durations by 66% (Max 1 reduction per attack).
Slowing Rupture Slow enemies struck with Roaring Rupture by 40% for 5s.