Name Description Tier Item
Vicious +7% critical damage.
Enchanted Light and Heavy attacks deal +5% damage.
Rogue +11% Backstab damage.
Ruinous +42% Siege Damage.
Thwarting Counter +22% damage against targets with active Grit.
Thwarting Strikes +7% damage while you have active Grit.
Trenchant Strikes Heavy melee attacks deal +23% damage.
Trenchant Crits Heavy melee attacks deal +34% critical damage.
Trenchant Rend Heavy melee attacks inflict Rend for 7s, reducing the target's armor by 16% (12s cooldown).
Trenchant Recovery Heal for 25% of the damage dealt by heavy melee attacks.
Alacritous Punishment PvP Only: +20% damage to players with Haste.
Mortal Empowerment PvP Only: Player kills grant a stacking 2% damage bonus that lasts 2m until death or game mode transition (Max 10 stacks. Cannot be cleansed. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects).
Invigorated Punishment PvP Only: Abilities deal 1% bonus damage per buff on a player (Max 10 buffs).
Desperate Empower +12% damage when you are exhausted.
Fire Harnessing +2% fire damage.
Ice Harnessing +2% ice damage.
Lightning Harnessing +2% lightning damage.
Void Harnessing +2% void damage.
Nature Harnessing +2% nature damage.
Arcane Harnessing +2% arcane damage.