Name Topic Number
The Bright Vigil Tales of Brightwood 8
Small Tragedies Tales of Brightwood 7
Hazel's Experiments Tales of Weaver's Fen 12
The Corpse Crone Tales of Weaver's Fen 11
The Spire of Melpomene Legendary Hikes of Aeternum 1
Springtide Village Springtide Bloom 1
The Empyrean Forge Tales of Expeditions 8
Lord Commander Attalus, Attalus' Foundry The Varangian Knights 11
Sir Halfdan the Smith, Attalus' Foundry The Varangian Knights 10
Kari the Subtle, The Crystal Caverns The Varangian Knights 9
Sir Olga the Hewer, Acadia Keep The Varangian Knights 8