New World Classic RPG Cosmetics

Classic RPG Cosmetics bundle sneak peak.

Here's a sneak peak at the work-in-progress Classic RPG collection. Since this content is datamined, there's no guarantee it will look exactly like this when launched, or if it will be launched at all.

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The Classic RPG collection's design goes back to the old-school RPG class system, focusing on the Knight, Ranger, Barbarian, Rogue, Bard and Wizard classes.

Note: Even though I will be showcasing them all in the in-game store, some of them were already given out as Twitch Prime exclusives (namely the Wizard, the Bard and the Rogue), so they will not be available for sale.

The Winged Knight (Knight)

Soar into battle to protect what is rightfully yours.

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Raiment Of The Ranger (Ranger)

Made of the finest Mourningdale wool, this tunic and cape shift silently as the ranger prowls the wilds.

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Barbarian Bruiser (Barbarian)

Let out the rage that burns deep within your heart.

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Sorcerer's Finery (Wizard)

The embroidered garb of those seeking mastery in Aeternum's arcane forces.

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The Vested Harmonizer (Bard)

Invested in both song and appearance, the wearer finds they want it that way.

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Cloaked Charlatan (Rogue)

When your wit is as sharp as your blades, you can take whatever you please in Aeternum.

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The Dragon's Trove Weapon Bundle - Weapons that have long slumbered in the lair of a wicked worm, still sharp and ready for battle.

Dragon's Blade

Dragons are fine friends to have, and dangerous foes to face.

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Leviathan's Guard

The might of a dragon is never to be underestimated.

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Draconian Edge

Swing with the ferocity of a mythical beast at your back.

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Twin Beasts

Forever intertwined, these two serpents bare their teeth for their next meal.

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Fire's Breath

Spitting flames and burning enemies comes as second nature when holding this staff.

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Tarragon's Recurve

Aim straight and true, for the power of the dragon is with you.

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