Name Chapter Number
I confess! Small Tragedies 2
A sinner’s lament Small Tragedies 1
Dissension in the Ranks The Bright Vigil 9
A Bitter Draught The Bright Vigil 8
Notice to the people of Morgenstadt The Bright Vigil 7
Map to Caer Dun The Bright Vigil 6
Condemnation of the Staudt Family The Bright Vigil 5
Hopeless Summer The Bright Vigil 4
A Grim Springtide The Bright Vigil 3
Seeking Salvation The Bright Vigil 2
A Plea to Pastor Prewitt The Bright Vigil 1
On the Potential of Ancient Devices The Corpse Crone 6
On the Power of Glyphs and Ancient Wards The Corpse Crone 5
Wanted! Corpse Crone The Corpse Crone 4
On the Transmission of Sickness and Anger The Corpse Crone 3
On the Transition of Life and Lost The Corpse Crone 2
On the Study of Flora and Fungi The Corpse Crone 1
An Unyielding Spirit Hazel's Experiments 3
The Binding Ritual Hazel's Experiments 2
A Stroke Of Luck Hazel's Experiments 1
Legendary Note The Spire of Melpomene 1
A Gift Among the Prismablooms Springtide Village 7
The Wispyblooms Lie Hidden in the Tall Grass Springtide Village 6
On Pale Wings Springtide Village 5
Carried on a Springtide Wind Springtide Village 4
The Stars are Burning Springtide Village 3
Memories of Eternity Springtide Village 2
Elysian Visions Springtide Village 1
It's Awake The Empyrean Forge 3
Consider the Price The Empyrean Forge 2
The Voice on the Air The Empyrean Forge 1
Attalus Has Gone Soft! Sir Olga the Hewer, Acadia Keep 1
A Most Unnatural Place... Kari the Subtle, The Crystal Caverns 1
Bring Me More! Sir Halfdan the Smith, Attalus' Foundry 1
Your Will Be Done! Lord Commander Attalus, Attalus' Foundry 1